The Journey(s) 


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The Journey(s): The paths along Life’s Journey make life fun, happy, sad… interesting.

This Journey (Epic, 30-Day National Park Journey): Daddy / Daughter, 12K miles, 27 States and 32 National Parks… Whew Hew! (War & Peace)

The Story – Meg is an active duty Captain in the U.S. Air Force transitioning into the Air Force Reserve and entering the civilian workforce. With 2 months of “terminal leave” (accumulated vacation), Daughter says to Daddy, “Let’s do something epic. Let’s tour the National Parks!” We’ve been traveling together for years – pre-college, she was a USTA tennis player, and my wife (Naoko) had the forethought to put me on travel duty – roughly 6 years of the best times of my life.

Journaling the Journey – We’re going to be taking pics and sharing the story. Please join us on the adventure!

Have Fun, Doing Good

Along Life’s Journey, Work, Play, and Help Others

We’ll be using Vivid-Pix software to revive old photos & memories. And, creating new memories, land & scuba photos. Vivid-Pix supports a number of charitable organizations. If you decide to try our software for free and then purchase the software, 10% will be donated to your charity of choice.

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