Identifying Family Photographs

A 9-Lesson Video Course

Workbook / Email Support

Plus, Vivid-Pix RESTORE software 

What You’ll Learn (scroll down)

Lesson 1: The 5 Building Blocks

Explores the basic questions you need to address when researching a photograph.

Lesson 2: Creating A Research Plan

It’s always good to have a research plan so that you can check off to-do boxes. This lesson shows you how.

Lesson 3: What Type of Picture Is It?

Not sure what type of images are in your collection. No problem. Watch this video to learn more about picture formats.

Lesson 4: Who’s the photographer?

Our ancestors took snapshots, but before that they visited photo studios. Learning when a studio was in business can help you determine a time frame for the image. 

Lesson 5 & 6: What are they wearing?

Fashion history is complicated but a lot of fun. You’ll learn about hats, hairstyles and what was fashionable when and why.

Lesson 7: Quick Tips

There are photo identification shortcuts. In this lesson Maureen explains the two most popular–tax stamps and stamp boxes.

Lesson 8: How to Add Up the Clues

Once you’ve watched the other lessons, it’s time to look at all the information you’ve accumulated and see if the facts add up to determine who’s in the photo.

Lesson 9: Labeling Pictures

All it takes to save all your hard work is a few photo safe tools and techniques. Maureen explains how to label your pictures so that the next generation will know who’s in the photos.

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Guided Lessons

Plus, Vivid-Pix RESTORE software 

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Apply lessons to your family photos, answers quizzes, and let Maureen guide you to photo identification success. This package includes individualized feedback from Maureen. 

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