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The Journey(s): Day 18 & 19

The Journey(s): Day 18 & 19

Day 18

Today I had time away from the National Parks Journey to take part in a side journey – I had a great time with the Foto Source folks at their Niagara Falls, Canada show!

Rick Demoing RESTORE

Day 19

Fish before after

I absolutely LOVE the new Emerald Removal functionality of LAND & SEA SCUBA.

While I spent the day working in Canada and flying back to Seattle, Meg had a day out in Puget Sound.

If you dive in fresh water or other locations with green water (US/Canada Pacific Coast, Gulf Coast, Various parts of Europe, more), you have to give this a try!

Fish 2 before after

Flatfish before after

Starfish 2 before after

Starfish 3 before after

Starfish 4 before after

Starfish 5 before after

Starfish before after

Starfish Flowers 2 before after

Starfish Flowers before after


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